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Weird Food 2019

Weird Food 2019

We’ve seen clients leap over boundaries and launch some pretty exciting foodstuff in 2018, hitting the mark of evolving consumer tastes. Now that the 2019 food predictions are rolling in, we want to know: what’s caught your eye? What will stick? And most importantly, what will you try this year?

Here’s a roundup of our favorites so far. Now you tell us …

Wacky or Wonderful

Cheese Tea

From the streets of Taiwan, this tea invites you to embrace a frothy-tart foam before each sip of sweet green or black tea. Traditionally, the foam is a whip of cream cheese powder, milk and cream, though the ingredients are being upgraded along with its rising popularity. Think ricotta cheese and Meyer lemon tea. And straws are a no-no for this one; sip at a 45-degree angle to take in each layer.

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The Next Breakfast

Why not take two things people love and mix it all up? Get ready for – wait for it – Chicken & Waffles chips for breakfast. This and other flavors are currently on the shelves of Whole Foods and made by Wilde Chicken Chips. The chips feature thinly sliced chicken coated in gluten-free tapioca flour and fried in coconut oil. They eat like a potato chip but taste like … tomorrow’s breakfast on the go.

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Ingredient Tricksters

A New Kingdom of Protein

At two ends of the new-meat spectrum, there’s “motherless” meat made in labs, and then there’s … bugs. Insect powders have a lower cost, higher sustainability and up to four times the protein of beef – plus an array of bioavailable nutrients. Most of the world eats insects. We could now be at the tipping point where the U.S. market will bite. Their high versatility is another boost. Cricket-flour cake? Worm protein shake? Coming right up.

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Show of Health

Many trend watchers include a note on how ready such-and-such food is to be an Instagram star. While photo-ability is king, so is health. There’s a demand for functionality along with a pop of color, such as salad dressing in a shocking hue of blue made with spirulina and collagen for an extra dose of health and beauty.

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Ice Cream from Trees

Dairy alternatives have come a long way, and now there’s a wood-based dietary fiber that can replace fat in everything from ice cream to entrees. Its impressive list of buzz-attributes make it appear palatable: Zero calories. Sustainable. GMO-free. Gluten-free. Vegetarian friendly. Kosher & Halal certified. Ready for business.

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And finally, the next kale …

Call Me Celtus. Also known as stem/asparagus/celery lettuce, or wosun in Chinese markets. This specialty cultivar of lettuce has a generous crunchy stalk and is popping up in many dishes across the country as a refreshing substitute for radish, cucumber or carrot. Chefs enjoy playing with its mild, nutty flavor and almost smoky aftertaste. And since all new veg is hot right now, why not?

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As the trends roll in, NK is watching out and ready to help you stay on track with your next product endeavor. Contact us today.


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January 18, 2019

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