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Making the Most Out of the Nutrition Facts Label Change

Making the Most Out of the Nutrition Facts Label Change

January, 13, 2020 Update:
January 1, 2020, has come and gone. While the compliance date hasn’t technically changed, the FDA announced that it will delay enforcement actions regarding the updated Nutrition Facts label. Which means that now is the perfect time to kick your compliance plan into high gear and show progress by partnering with NK.

The big date is right around the corner – January 1, 2020, when large food and beverage manufacturers must comply with the changes to the Nutrition Facts label.

Though this isn’t news to you, right? You’ve already tested your products for levels of the new mandatory nutrients (Vitamin D, Potassium), calculated Added Sugars, and updated serving sizes and daily values based on the new law – or found a partner to do so. Your new label is ready to place on your current packaging, and you’re all set.

Or are you?

At NK we help foodservice distributors and manufacturers bring their packaging into compliance every day and, as a full service branding partner, we’ve seen that now is the perfect time to evaluate your entire package beyond the new label. Here’s why:

1. Consumer preferences are changing, and the new label is simply a taste of evolving demands.

The Nutrition Facts updates send a clear message that consumers are on the watch-out for empty calories and excess sugar. They also want more information, faster. Making your label compliant is the first step. Next, you need to convince your buyer that your product is better in light of today’s trends: Through effective front-of-label branding, messaging and attribute callouts. A brand partner like NK can help you do exactly that.

2. It’s most cost-effective to make all changes at once.

Some pieces of the new regulation – such as having to label smaller units of food as a single serving – may have prompted entire product reformulations and new pack sizes to avoid undesirable nutrition values. But even if it seems that all you need to do is replace the Nutrition Facts, take a moment now to evaluate your product’s competitive merit so you can cut production costs by making all updates at once. Whether adding a Gluten Free callout, updating a typeface to be more competitive, or streamlining your icons on the front of the pack – the time is now.

3. There’s more than meets the label.

Speaking of looking down the road … how about January 1, 2022, when large manufacturers will need to disclose bioengineered ingredients? In today’s world of smart labels and the need to convey more information instantly, a product or brand website is as important as the label – if not more so. NK is expert at creating intuitive websites that communicate your selling points and hook buyers.

The bottom line is that while change is constant, when you approach it smartly by evaluating your entire packaging ecosystem when a mandatory update rolls along, you’ll be positioned to outsell the competition.

Contact us today to learn more about how NK can leverage packaging strategy and labeling expertise to boost your brand.

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July 11, 2019

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