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3 Moves to Keep You Ahead of the NEW Nutrition Facts Labeling Requirements

3 Moves to Keep You Ahead of the NEW Nutrition Facts Labeling Requirements

Fact: The industry hasn’t seen a labeling change like this since 1999.

Fact: A big reason for the update is that Americans are eating more, and eating more sugar in particular.

Fact: NK will help you through this!

Wondering how the new Nutrition Facts labeling will affect you, how soon to act, and whether or not it’s all a dream?

The final rule will likely be close to what’s currently proposed, and manufacturers will have about two years to get their compliance in order. While the details are being finalized this spring, use what you know to thiNK ahead. It’s what NK and our clients do best.

1 → Get in front of the culture shift.

By nature, regulations pass slowly. Or at least they used to. As the labeling environment becomes increasingly fluid, there’s a trend toward more consumer activism, more regulations, and labeling on a multi-media level.

Industry has the advantage of being able to move more quickly than the government and help set precedence.

As long as you have to adapt your nutrient calculation and reporting process, why not tweak the formula itself to achieve the numbers that will help food products sell today, and well into the future?

2 → Bulk up on nutrients.

Basically, the new label design makes it much easier for consumers to see the good and the bad at a glance.

Focus your product innovation on the good:

  • Reasonable (aka smaller) serving size and packaging that supports it
  • Nutrient dense ingredients (think functional foods)
  • Judicious use of added sugar, incorporating wholesome options like honey

3 → Plan for change.

Embrace the change early—and confidently—and customers will continue to see you as a leader with their best interests in mind.

Even better: Build a system that is designed for efficient change, from product development to manufacturing and labeling.

Newhall Klein and our packaging team is here to help.

Look for news straight from the source in May!

NEW Nutrition Facts At-A-Glance

Original [Left] vs. Proposed [Right]


New Required Calculations & Reporting:

  • Added Sugars
  • Potassium
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin & Mineral mg or mcg value, in addition to %DV

Increased Visibility:

  • Serving Size
  • Servings Per Container
  • Calories
  • %DVs

Updated Standards, TBD:

  • Reasonable Serving Sizes
  • Percent Daily Values

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April 18, 2016

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