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Milestone Senior Services

Feeding the heart of senior services with an expansive rebrand

Senior Services of Southwest Michigan was at a crossroads. As the region’s premier local provider of choice-driven services for seniors and persons with disabilities, they were facing aging challenges of their own.

It was time to build a relevant brand identity to expand their reach. Then successfully implement the rebrand across multiple channels.

senior-services-group senior-services-group

We approached the rebranding process as they approach every support service, every meal: With a passion for building heartfelt connections that uplift our entire community.

First we immersed ourselves and listened. Digging deeply to uncover tangible points of differentiation of storied organization, founded in 1963. Interviewing staff members and key stakeholders. Working alongside them. Finally, cementing communication pillars strong enough to support the weighty rebrand in its entirety.

senior-services-before Milestone_Logo_After

The first element to emerge was a stronger brand name: Milestone.

A grounding new identity.

Rising to fully encompass their mission in the final logo design system.


The visual mood and brand promise that emerged resonates deeply with the heart of the organization. It solidifies Milestone’s prominent position in the community today and their ability to meet the rising need in our community with compassion.

The new site makes it simple for people in need to find services to enrich their lives and help them thrive. The site’s UX design, content strategy, and visual design work in concert to draw clients and caregivers in and prompt them to call or apply for services.

On the back end, an intuitive content management system allows the Milestone team to easily manage updates themselves while following a consistent and effective framework. All supported by custom training and a digital resource library.


Each piece serves as a warm handshake, building bridges and enticing those in need to call and gain further reassurance from the compassionate experts at Milestone.

square-brochure-mockup milestone-billboard independence
A complete compilation of digital assets and clear usage guidelines enable the Milestone team to carry out subsequent brand executions at a high level.


“NK’s ability to understand the scope of our broad and complex organization made working through the intricacies of a rebrand so smooth. Their attention to detail, in-depth explanations, and understanding of all things branding and marketing made my role as lead on our project incredibly easy. Their team was always timely on deliverables and willing to give a friendly nudge to keep the project on track. I couldn’t have been successful in this rebrand journey without them!” 

Susan Terranella | Director of Marketing & Communications | Milestone Senior Services

Cobblestreet MKT.

A deli brand reclaims its relevance

With on-the-go eating a mainstay and a related resurgence in sandwich orders, IMA – a makeup of broadline foodservice distributors who share an exclusive brand portfolio – looked to increase deli goods sales. They needed a brand overhaul to do so.

  • Before

  • Cobblestreet-MKT-RGB


  • Before

  • Cobblestreet-MKT-RGB


Beginning with a buyer-driven strategy, we kept the lights on for Cobblestreet MKT. – a deli brand of meats, cheeses, and artisan snacks and soups – repositioning and revitalizing the brand to be more competitive in the “new convenience” era.

We had to overcome the perception that relative to national brands, Cobblestreet MKT. wasn’t relevant to the contemporary restaurant operator or didn’t meet consumer demand for premium provisions, such as all‑natural meats, artisan cheeses, or more artfully prepared deli sides.

  • ham-rst-beef-sandwiches
  • rst-beef-hero
  • csm-deli-soups
  • ham-hero
  • csm-sandwich-board
  • turkey-sandwich

The foodservice buyer needed to know that Cobblestreet MKT. could enable their business in a bigger way.

The meat of this rebranding was meaningful content.


A tradeshow booth design that better modeled the fresh format experience which the new brand exemplified. A new packaging system design that established a higher level of clarity and value to the buyer. Effective distribution of more relevant communications to the sales force and broker teams that better enabled the sales conversation.

csm_printad csm-Turkey-RB-mock-upflat

Since launch, the rebrand has exceeded case sale growth YOY for our client.

Happy Birthday Nathan!



A beverage brand gets new life

Previously positioned as a quencher brand, REJUV was born in the sports-drink burst of the 90s but has led squarely in foodservice ever since with significant brand equity. It was time to reposition the brand to flex into the future – to support classic favorites alongside beverage innovations, from juices and smoothies to flavored waters.

  • Before

  • Cobblestreet-MKT-RGB


  • Before

  • Cobblestreet-MKT-RGB


Built to overcome the perception that REJUV was no longer relevant to modern restaurant and bar needs, the repositioning needed to make sure operators had a reason to believe REJUV could accommodate basic and everyday value and also delight with premium, flavor-forward options.




Built to overcome the perception that REJUV was no longer relevant to modern restaurant and bar needs, the repositioning needed to make sure operators had a reason to believe REJUV could accommodate basic and everyday value and also delight with premium, flavor-forward options.


Because no one solution fits all.

  • rejuv-apple-bottle
  • Rejuv-Shipper-Distinctions
  • 46-oz-aseptic
  • Rejuv-Shipper-Partial_Originals
  • rejuv-tomato-can
  • Rejuv-Shipper-Partial_Foundations
  • rejuv-orange-bottle
  • rejuv-bag-in-box
  • rejuv-dispenser


Elements of our recrafted brand story tell it right.


Elements of our recrafted brand story tell it right.

Inspired by trends in urban juice craft, REJUV delivers an innovative beverage lineup that keeps pace with customer expectations and operator demands.



Wrapped in bold and sophisticated packaging with convenience front and center, this brand is smart inside and out. Operators can count on REJUV to put their best flavors forward, from portable juices and waters to dispensing systems and mixers that position them for success.


Successful retail brand transitions to foodservice

Dairy-free alternative ingredients have rarely held up in a commercial kitchen, not in the eyes of the serious chef.

So once Ripple started gaining traction in retail, it came time to demonstrate its viability in the foodservice space. As a critical ingredient, not just a bottled product for allergen-free needs.
Freakshake peach_cobbler Ripple-Dairy-Foam-Mug

First, we had to overcome the perception that no dairy alternative could do what traditional dairy does in the commercial kitchen.

Our foodservice buyer needed proof. Needed to see for themselves that Ripple could hold up, behave just as dairy would. So we took the product to task.

Next we created valuable content and helped distribute effective communications to buyers.

Ripple-ad-magazine-mockup Ripple_CulinaryGuide_display Ripple_CulinaryGuide_display

Then set up a lead‑gen sampling campaign. Built out branded elements that spoke to the foodservice buyer while leaning into the equity it already had.


Since launch, the campaign has seen a 14.8% Sample Request Conversion Rate amongst targeted audiences. And over 100 qualified leads per month.

Finally, dairy free done right.